Prabhas Saalar Creates Record-breaking Impact on Netflix

Prabhas' highly anticipated film Saalar has created a record-breaking impact on Netflix. Read on to learn more about this blockbuster movie and its success on the streaming platform.

New Update

In the ever-evolving world of OTT platforms, Saalar, the latest film starring Prabhas, has emerged as a game-changer, setting a remarkable record on Netflix. Released approximately a month ago, this South Indian film has swiftly risen to the top, overshadowing its counterparts and securing its place as a must-watch on Netflix. In this article, we delve into the film's success and its significant impact on the streaming platform.

Record-breaking Release

Saalar's release on Netflix marked a turning point, with the film quickly outpacing its competitors. The South Indian masterpiece has consistently dominated the list of the most-watched films on Netflix for the past week, showcasing its widespread appeal among audiences.

Prabhas Cinematic Triumph

Saalar follows Prabhas' previous blockbuster, released last year alongside Shahrukh Khan's Dangal. Surpassing the earnings of Dangal, Saalar has proven to be a financial success for the actor and has solidified his position in the industry.

Netflix India's Top 3

Netflix India's data, released from January 15 to January 21, 2024, positions Saalar among the top 3 most-watched non-English films. Despite being the sole Indian film in the top 10 non-English films, Saalar has managed to secure its place in the top 3 in its inaugural week on the platform.

Impressive Viewership Statistics

According to Netflix's report, Saalar has accumulated a staggering 1.6 million views, with an average watch time of approximately 4,700 hours. These impressive figures underscore the film's widespread popularity among Netflix subscribers.

Saalar vs. Competitors

In terms of runtime, Saalar stands as the third non-English film in Netflix's top 10 films (non-English), following Society of the Snow and Sixty Minutes. The Spanish survival thriller, Society of the Snow, has maintained its position for the past three weeks, achieving 13.4 million views in the last week alone. Saalar's figures outshine Society of the Snow by approximately 737%.

Sixty Minutes

Another noteworthy mention is Sixty Minutes, which secured the second position in Netflix's top 10 non-English films with 10.6 million views. Released on January 19, 2024, this film has added another layer of diversity to the top-performing non-English films on Netflix.


In conclusion, Prabhas' Saalar has not only proven to be a cinematic triumph but has also made a resounding impact on Netflix, becoming one of the top-watched non-English films. Its success is a testament to the growing global influence of Indian cinema and the evolving preferences of Netflix audiences. As Saalar continues to shine on the streaming platform, it sets a promising precedent for the future of Indian films in the digital space.