Pushpa 3: The Allu Arjun Starrer Pushpa 3 titled as The Roar?

Get the latest updates on the much-anticipated Allu Arjun starrer Pushpa 3, rumored to be titled as "The Roar." Stay tuned for all the exciting details and updates on this highly anticipated movie.

By Parul
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The popular icon star Allu Arjun is all set to ready for his most anticipated upcoming film Pushpa: The Rule. Pushpa garnered immense attention and love from the audience and hit the box office collection. So the makers promise that the second installment will also create a buzz on social media. Rumours are at the peak as according to media reports, The team of Pushpa is planning the third installment of Pushpa and revealed the title of this most anticipated film. [Pushpa: The Rule hit the big screen on 15 August this year. The buzz surrounding the film is palpable after the title is unveiled of Pushpa's third installment. 


Pushpa 3 titled as Pushpa 3: The Roar? 

The superstar Allu Arjun finally confirmed the third installment of the Pushpa franchise. According to reports, the director Sukumar and Actor Allu Arjun have already discussed the third part of Pushpa. The first part is named  Pushpa: The Rise and following that the second is Named Pushpa: The Rule usually, the makers unveil the third installment of Pusha is named Pushpa: The Roar. The excitement surrounding the Pushpa franchise is extremely on its peak. Fans are eagerly awaiting this most action thrilling film's release. Pushpa 2 will have an open ending as following Pushpa 3. Director Sukumar and Allu Arjun talk about Pushpa and say that Pushpa is a character who fights with all the odds. 

Allu Arjun talk about Pushpa 3

Recently the actor has been working on his upcoming film Pushpa; The Rule. The action hero Allu Arjun talks about the third installment of the Pushpa Franchise. The actor confirmed that the third part of Pushpa might also happen. He said you can definitely expect part three. we do want to make it a franchise and we have exciting ideas for the lineup. he said while sharing the exciting update, as quoted by