Shehnaaz Gill Announces the Release Date of "Ranna Ch Dhanna"

Shehnaaz Gill, the popular Indian actress and singer, recently announced the release date of her upcoming project "Ranna Ch Dhanna"

The highly anticipated film has been generating buzz among fans and industry insiders alike

Shehnaaz Gill will be seen in a lead role, showcasing her acting prowess and charm

To create maximum visibility and awareness for "Ranna Ch Dhanna", the film's marketing and promotion team has planned an extensive campaign

Fans anticipate a captivating storyline, stellar performances, catchy music, and memorable dialogues

Industry insiders predict that "Ranna Ch Dhanna" has the potential to become a blockbuster hit

With Shehnaaz's talent and the team's creative vision, "Ranna Ch Dhanna" promises to be an entertaining and memorable cinematic experience