Saindhav Movie Review: A Disappointing Action Drama

Read our in-depth review of Saindhav, an action drama film that unfortunately falls short of expectations. Find out why this movie may not be worth your time and money.

By Ravindra
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Saindhav Movie Review

Saindhav revolves around the life of Saindhav Koneru (played by Venkatesh), a former member of a drug cartel who now works as a crane operator in the fictional city of Chandraprastha. Living with his daughter Gayatri, Saindhav's world is turned upside down when he discovers that his daughter has been diagnosed with the rare disease SMA. The treatment for her condition costs a staggering Rs 17 crore.

Desperate to save his daughter, Saindhav seeks assistance from his former employer, who offers him a deal. In exchange for the money, Saindhav must eliminate Vikas (played by Nawazuddin Siddique), the current leader of the cartel. As Saindhav embarks on his mission to save his daughter and eradicate the cartel, he faces numerous challenges and confrontations.


Venkatesh delivers a commendable performance as Saindhav, portraying the character's aggression effectively. However, the role lacks a distinct quality, falling into the realm of a routine action role. Nawazuddin Siddique's portrayal of the idiosyncratic antagonist is hindered by his Hindi-Telugu mix dialogue delivery and overdosed histrionics.

Shraddha Srinath, Ruhani Sharma, and JP have regular roles in the film, but their performances fail to leave a lasting impact. Actors such as Arya, Jisshu Senugupta, and Andrea, while imposing a financial strain on production costs, contribute little value to the narrative.

Technical Excellence

While the music composed by Santosh Narayan is underwhelming, the background score manages to leave a noteworthy impression. The cinematography by S.Manikandan effectively sustains a somber ambiance throughout the film. However, the editing lacks a rapid tempo, failing to elevate the overall viewing experience.

Highlights and Drawbacks

The film's background score emerges as one of its highlights, effectively enhancing the mood and tone of the narrative. However, Saindhav suffers from a tedious and predictable storyline, resulting in a lackluster and boring narration. The screenplay falls flat, failing to offer any thrilling action episodes or evoke genuine emotions.


One would expect a milestone film like Venkatesh's 75th to have a solid and engaging story. Unfortunately, Saindhav disappoints on this front, with a plot that offers nothing substantial to root for. The decision to make another action film after previous disappointments raises questions about Venkatesh's choice of scripts.

The imaginary city of Chandraprastha, with its over 300 children suffering from the rare condition, feels implausible. The portrayal of a mafia running a pharmaceutical company manufacturing vials adds to the lack of realism in the storyline. The inclusion of unnecessary characters like Arya and JP further dilutes the narrative cohesion.

The film's pacing starts off slow, becoming interesting only towards the intermission. However, once the main conflict is established, the storyline loses momentum and fails to maintain the audience's engagement. The climax, touted as a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience, falls short of expectations, feeling overly stretched and lacking in impactful performances.


In conclusion, Saindhav is a major letdown, offering nothing but boredom in its action-packed narrative. The film fails to redeem itself with its lackluster screenplay, predictable proceedings, and superficial emotions. Even action film enthusiasts find it abhorring and taxing to the mind, as the film lacks an emotional connection to the events unfolding on screen.