Sam Bahadur Box Office Collection: A Promising Start Amidst Tough Competition

Sam Bahadur, a highly anticipated film, has garnered a promising start at the box office despite facing tough competition. Keep up-to-date with its box office collection and performance here.

By Ravindra
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Sam Bahadur Box Office Collection

The much-awaited film, Sam Bahadur, directed by Meghna Gulzar and featuring Vicky Kaushal, Sanya Malhotra, and Fatima Sana Shaikh, has made an impressive debut at the Indian box office. Despite facing tough competition from the film Animal, Sam Bahadur managed to collect a reasonable opening of Rs 6 crores nett. This article takes a closer look at the box office performance of Sam Bahadur, analyzing its collections, audience response, and potential for growth over the weekend.

A Solid Opening of Rs 6 Crores Nett

The opening day collections of Sam Bahadur stood at a commendable Rs 6 crores nett (Credit: RSVP). Considering the clash with the highly anticipated film Animal, this figure is indeed noteworthy. The film's success can be attributed to its captivating storyline and stellar performances by the lead cast. Vicky Kaushal, in particular, delivers a remarkable portrayal of the great Indian Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, making Sam Bahadur his biggest opener of 2023.

The Influence of High-End Multiplexes

Sam Bahadur witnessed significant contributions from high-end multiplexes in major cities. Out of the Rs 6 crores nett collected on the first day, the top three national chains alone accounted for approximately Rs 4 crores. This strategic release plan has undoubtedly paid off, as the film managed to attract a substantial audience despite the competition.

Weekend Expectations: Solid Growth Anticipated

For Sam Bahadur to sustain its momentum, it will need to show solid growth over the weekend. The film has the potential to achieve a weekend collection of over Rs 22 crores. This will not only solidify its position at the box office but also establish it as a strong contender in the 2023 film landscape. Vicky Kaushal's eventful year, which included a super-hit in Zara Hatke Zara Bachke and a disaster in The Great Indian Family, adds to the anticipation surrounding Sam Bahadur's performance.

The Battle for Theatrical Success

The success of Sam Bahadur's opening day collections raises the question of whether the film can sustain its theatrical run. Vicky Kaushal's previous release, Zara Hatke Zara Bachke, demonstrated strong legs at the box office, and the audience is eager to see if Sam Bahadur can follow suit. The film's engaging narrative and positive word-of-mouth could contribute to its longevity in theaters. Additionally, the buzz and goodwill surrounding the upcoming film Dunki, in which Vicky Kaushal stars, further add to the actor's busy year.

About Sam Bahadur

Sam Bahadur takes audiences on a captivating journey through the life of Sam Manekshaw, the Chief of the Army Staff during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971. He holds the distinction of being the first Indian Army Officer to become a Field Marshal. The film beautifully captures the triumphs and challenges faced by this legendary figure, providing viewers with a glimpse into his remarkable journey.

When and Where to Watch Sam Bahadur

Sam Bahadur is currently playing at a theater near you, having released on the 1st of December, 2023. To catch this gripping war-drama, you can book tickets either directly at the box office or through various movie ticketing applications.


Despite facing tough competition from Animal, Sam Bahadur has made an impressive start at the box office with a collection of Rs 6 crores nett on its opening day. The film's strong performance can be attributed to its engaging storyline and outstanding performances by Vicky Kaushal, Sanya Malhotra, and Fatima Sana Shaikh. As the weekend approaches, all eyes are on Sam Bahadur to exhibit solid growth. With positive word-of-mouth and the upcoming release of Dunki, Vicky Kaushal's eventful year continues to captivate audiences. Don't miss the chance to witness the incredible journey of Sam Manekshaw in Sam Bahadur, playing at a theater near you.