The Great Indian Kapil Show: Kapil Sharma reveals about the secret of show and calls Archana Puran Singh his Lucky Charm

The Great Indian Kapil Show is a popular Indian comedy talk show hosted by Kapil Sharma. Kapil reveals about the secrets of the show and refers to Archana Puran Singh as his lucky charm. Learn more about the show and their bond here.

By Parul
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Kapil Sharma

The popular talk show, The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show is once again ready to entertain the audience and viewers on Netflix. The show starts tomorrow on Netflix. The show is known for inviting celebrities as guests in this Standup comedy show and talk show. The Great Indian Kapil Show reunites Kapil and actor comic Sunil Grover after 6 years. Fans are eagerly awaiting to see two legendary persons once again together on one screen. Neetu Kapoor, Riddhima, and Ranbir Kapoor are the first guests of this show's first episode. During a press conference, Kapil Sharma praises Archana Puran Singh and calls his lucky charm. 


Kapil Sharma Praises Archana Puran Singh 

The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show is once again ready to entertain the audience. During a media interview, Kapil Sharma admires the whole  team of the show and praises Sunil Sharma for his fan following. Kapil also admires Archana Puran Singh and he mentioned that she is our Lucky Charm. Kapil said that he worked with Archana before he started the show. Kapil started the show in 2013. Kapil further mentioned that she understands every type of humor and that's an art. 

Kapil sharma talks about Sunil Grover


During the press conference, Kapil Sharma talks about actor comic Sunil Grover and his massive fan following. Kapil Sharma discussed that he met with Sunil in 2009 in the show Hans Baliye. Before the Kapil Sharma show began, they worked together. Kapil also mentioned Sunil Grover's massive fan following and highlighted its significant impact on their together work. He also mentioned that the whole show and Sunil Sharma's fan following are equal. 

The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show 

The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show will premiere on March 30 on Netflix. The first guests of the show are Neetu Kapoor, Riddhima, and Ranbir Kapoor. The whole team promises to make it full of laughter and entertaining.