The Journey of Namrata Sheth: Overcoming Competition to Land the Role in Karmma Calling

Follow the inspiring journey of Namrata Sheth as she overcomes tough competition to secure the lead role in the hit entertainment production 'Karmma Calling'. Discover the challenges she faced and the triumphs she achieved in this captivating story.

By Ravindra
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Namrata Sheth

Actress Namrata Sheth recently shared her experience of facing tough competition and going through multiple auditions to secure the titular role in the upcoming film 'Karmma Calling'. In this article, we will delve into the journey of Namrata Sheth and explore how her passion and dedication led her to bag this coveted role. From auditions to preparation, we will uncover the behind-the-scenes of her role in 'Karmma Calling' and her on-set experience.

The Audition Process: A Glimpse into Namrata Sheth's Determination

To secure the role of Karmma, Namrata Sheth went through a rigorous audition process. With a deep connection to the character, Namrata felt driven to give her best in each round of auditions. She revealed that the role resonated with her, and when director Ruchi saw her, she instantly recognized the potential in Namrata to portray Karmma. This connection and belief in Namrata's ability paved the way for her selection.

Preparation: The Key to Success

Once Namrata Sheth was chosen for the role, extensive preparation became crucial. To step into the character of Karmma and effectively lock horns with Raveena Tandon's character, Namrata immersed herself in the role. The preparation involved understanding the nuances of the character, studying the script, and working closely with the director to bring Karmma to life. This dedication and readiness made the on-set experience enjoyable for Namrata.

On-Set Experience: Fun Amidst Hard Work

As 'Karmma Calling' went into production, Namrata Sheth was well-prepared and excited to embody the character of Karmma. The combination of thorough preparation and the passion she held for the role allowed her to fully enjoy the on-set experience. Despite the challenges and demands of the role, Namrata found the entire process to be fun and rewarding. Her commitment to the character translated into a remarkable performance on screen.

Release and Reception: Anticipation for 'Karmma Calling'

'Karmma Calling' is set to release on January 26 on Disney Plus Hotstar. The film showcases Namrata Sheth's talent and her ability to hold her own against the seasoned actress Raveena Tandon. With the anticipation building, audiences are eager to see Namrata's portrayal of Karmma and witness the chemistry between the two lead actresses. The film promises to be a captivating experience for viewers.


Namrata Sheth's journey to secure the role of Karmma in 'Karmma Calling' is a testament to her determination and passion for her craft. Facing tough competition and going through multiple auditions only fueled her desire to excel in the role. With thorough preparation and a strong connection to the character, Namrata embraced the challenges and delivered a remarkable performance. As 'Karmma Calling' hits the screens, audiences eagerly await the release to witness Namrata's talent and the magic she brings to the character of Karmma.