Toby Review: A Riveting Tale of Revenge and Redemption

Read an intriguing review of "Toby," a gripping story of revenge and redemption that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Discover the exhilarating journey of the protagonist as they seek justice and find redemption in this captivating book.

By Aishwarya
Toby Review

Toby Review

When it comes to Kannada cinema, Toby stands out as a compelling and thought-provoking film that delves into the themes of revenge and redemption. Directed by Basil Alchalakkal and produced by Lighter Buddha Films and Agastya Films, Toby takes us on a journey through the life of the protagonist, Toby (played by Raj B Shetty), an orphan with a troubled past. In this review, we will explore the captivating storyline, remarkable performances, and the overall impact of the movie.

  • Toby is a Kannada film directed by Basil Alchalakkal and produced by Lighter Buddha Films and Agastya Films.
  • The film stars Raj B Shetty in the lead role, along with Chaithra J Achar, Samyukta Hornad, Gopalkrishna Deshpande, and Yogi Bankeshwar in supporting roles.
  • The runtime of Toby is approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes.
  • The film explores themes of revenge, redemption, and the consequences of exploitation.
  • Toby received critical acclaim for its compelling storyline, exceptional performances, and technical brilliance.
  • The movie is known for its deliberate pacing, which allows for a gradual immersion into the narrative.
  • Toby is a realistic and raw story that resonates with audiences on an emotional level.
  • The film's cinematography by Praveen Shriyan and music by Midhun Mukundan contribute to its overall impact.
  • Toby is a must-watch for fans of Kannada cinema and those who appreciate thought-provoking storytelling.

A Unique Premise and Plot

Toby revolves around the life of the eponymous character, who works as an assistant in a mortuary under Damodara (Gopalkrishna Deshpande). However, Toby's role expands beyond the confines of the mortuary when he becomes the go-to person for making individuals "disappear." Exploited by Anand (Raj Deepak Shetty), a former meat merchant, Toby's life takes a turn for the worse when those he holds dear become victims of Anand's power trip. Motivated by revenge, Toby embarks on a path to seek justice and protect those he loves.

The Brilliance of Raj B Shetty

At the heart of Toby lies the mesmerizing performance of Raj B Shetty. Known for his previous roles in films like Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana, Shetty delivers a tour de force portrayal of Toby. Despite being a mute character, Shetty's eyes and expressions speak volumes, capturing the innocence, fierceness, and complexity of Toby's character. Whether it be as an orphan, a father, a lover, or a merciless killer, Shetty's nuanced acting shines through, making Toby a truly unforgettable character.

Supporting Cast and Stellar Performances

While Raj B Shetty steals the show, the supporting cast also deserves accolades for their exceptional performances. Chaithra J Achar, who plays Toby's daughter Jenny, delivers a standout performance, bringing depth and emotional resonance to her role. Samyukta Hornad, as Savitri, a sex worker, finds solace in Toby's compassion and provides a poignant counterpoint to the darker elements of the story. Gopalkrishna Deshpande and Yogi Bankeshwar also deliver commendable performances, adding layers to the narrative.

A Slow-Burning Thriller

Toby is not a film that rushes through its plot points. Instead, it takes its time to build tension and intensity, which may not appeal to those seeking fast-paced storytelling. However, the deliberate pacing allows for a gradual immersion into Toby's world, enabling a deeper understanding of his character and motivations. While the first half focuses on unraveling Toby's past and the people who shaped his life, the second half delves into the dark underbelly of the story, with more disappearances and a heightened sense of danger.

Technical Brilliance

Toby showcases the technical prowess of its crew, particularly cinematographer Praveen Shriyan and music composer Midhun Mukundan. Shriyan's camera work captures the essence of the small town setting and enhances the impact of the action sequences. The background score by Midhun Mukundan is a standout element, adding tension and emotion to the narrative. While the songs may not immediately resonate, they have the potential to grow on the audience over time.

A Realistic and Raw Story

In recent years, Kannada cinema has been praised for its realistic and rooted storytelling. Toby continues this trend by presenting a narrative that feels raw and authentic. It tugs at the heartstrings, evoking a range of emotions in the audience. By setting aside preconceived expectations and approaching the film with an open heart, viewers can truly appreciate the emotional depth and impact of Toby. It may not appeal to everyone, but for those willing to give it a chance, Toby has the potential to leave a lasting impression.

The Verdict: A Must-Watch Film

Toby is a film that resonates long after the credits roll. With its gripping storyline, remarkable performances, and technical brilliance, it stands out as a must-watch for Kannada cinema enthusiasts. Raj B Shetty's portrayal of Toby is a masterclass in acting, and the supporting cast adds depth and authenticity to the narrative. While the deliberate pacing may not suit all viewers, those who appreciate a slow-burning thriller will find Toby to be a captivating and thought-provoking film. Prepare to be immersed in Toby's world, where revenge and redemption collide in a tale that will leave you spellbound.