The 10 Avatars of Vishnu: Stories of Divine Incarnations

It represent different periods of time when their presence was needed. Each avatar has a unique story and purpose.

1. Matsya (The Fish)

Matsya, the fish, who rescued the first man and other creatures from a catastrophic flood

2. Kurma (The Tortoise)

Kurma, the tortoise, played a role in churning the ocean to obtain treasures dissolved in the ocean of milk

3. Varaha (The Boar)

Varaha, the boar, lifted the earth from the depths of the sea after it was dragged down by the demon Hiranyaksha

4. Narasimha (The Man-Lion)

Narasimha, the man-lion, appeared to protect Prahlada and restore balance against the demon Hiranyakashipiu

5. Vamana (The Dwarf)

Vamana, the dwarf, claimed the earth and sent Bali down to rule the underworld to maintain balance in the universe

6. Parasurama (The Angry Man)

Parasurama, the angry man, emerged to eliminate corrupt kings and restore societal harmony

7. Lord Rama (The Perfect Man)

Lord Rama, the perfect man, defeated the multi-headed demon Ravana and embodies righteousness and the ideal human being

8. Lord Krishna (The Divine Statesman)

Lord Krishna, the divine statesman, is known for his shrewdness and ability to change the rules, symbolizing divine love, wisdom, and the pursuit of truth

9. Buddha Avatar (The Enlightened One)

Gautama Buddha the prince who renounced his luxurious life to seek enlightenment.

10. Kalki (The Mighty Warrior)

Kalki, the mighty warrior, is believed to appear at the end of the current time period to rid the world of oppression and restore order