Ankita Lokhande assumes the role of captain in Bigg Boss 17 and makes intriguing decisions during her tenure.

Get all the juicy details about Ankita Lokhande's stint as the captain in Bigg Boss 17 and the intriguing and bold decisions she takes that keep viewers hooked to their screens. Dive into the drama and excitement now!

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Ankita Lokhande assumes

Ankita lokhande as a captain in house

The winter season is currently underway, but within the Bigg Boss house, it always feels like summer due to the heated interactions among the contestants. The highly-anticipated Bigg Boss show is nearing its conclusion in a few weeks. Each episode of Bigg Boss continues to grow more intriguing with each passing day, capturing the undivided attention of the audience. In the latest episode, Ankita Lokhande has taken over as the new captain of the house, gaining special privileges and responsibilities. Let's delve into the specifics of this exciting new episode...

Ankita Lokhande's exceptional leadership skills as the captain of the house 

Ankita Lokhande has taken over as the new captain of the house and has been given a special power to remove someone from the house, just like Isha Malviya. The upcoming episode promises to be highly intriguing as we wonder who Ankita will choose to eliminate. Ankita is undeniably one of the most popular contestants on the show, and in the recent episode, she made some interesting moves as the captain. According to media reports, it seems that Ankita Lokhande has decided to evict Abhishek Kumar from the house. In a recent promo, Bigg Boss asks Ankita to provide a name for elimination, and ultimately, she chooses Abhishek due to a major argument they had. However, there has been no official confirmation regarding Abhishek Kumar's elimination yet. We will have to patiently wait for the next episodes to uncover the truth.

Ankita decides to assert herself when it comes to her husband, Vicky Jain

In recent times, Ankita has taken on the role of the house captain. Ankita and Vicky are known as the most popular couple in the Bigg Boss house, but they have had their fair share of ugly fights. Despite this, they sometimes manage to reconcile. Unfortunately, Vicky once again did something irritating, which led to another argument between them. It was observed that Vicky was flirting with Ayesha Khan and even sang the song Bheege Honth Tere while his wife, Ankita, was present. Naturally, Ankita questioned him about his behavior. Both Ankita and Vicky have been disrespecting each other and saying hurtful things.



Ankita Lokhande, a well-known participant on the Bigg Boss show, has garnered attention for her marriage to Vicky inside the Bigg Boss house. Currently holding the position of captain, Ankita has the authority to eliminate a fellow housemate. She has chosen Abhishek Kumar as the nominee for eviction. The relationship between Ankita and Abhishek has been marred by numerous heated arguments within the house.

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