Anupamaa: Aashish Mehrotra opens up about his strong bond with Rupali Ganguly

Aashish Mehrotra, who plays the role of Toshu in Anupamaa, talks about his strong bond with co-star Rupali Ganguly in an exclusive interview. Get insights into their camaraderie behind the scenes.

By Parul
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The popular Indian TV show Anupamaa continuously captivates the audience with its interesting cast and storyline. The serial Takes new turns and twists that make it more interesting. Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupamaa is the most loving TV show and on-screen things are quite intense and relationships are complex. But he off-screen fun and some actors form a great bond with each other. One of them a beautiful bond on Anupamaa Show's set is Rupali Ganguly aka Anu and Aashish Mehrotra aka Toshu. The two actors share an offensive friendship bond on the set. In a recent Media interaction, Aashish Mehrotra talks about the great bond between him and Rupali Ganguly.


Aashish Mehrotra talks about his bonding with Rupali Ganguly 

Aashish Mehrotra plays the character of Toshu in the Anupamaa Show. Recently the actor opened up about his great bonding with Rupali Ganguly. Aashish Mehrotra said that Rupali Ganguly plays the role of his mother on screen but in reality, she is his best friend. He further added that Rupali is his confidence and during the shooting when the director announced the cut, we came out in their normal bond which is filled with warmth, love, and fun. Aashish also opened up about his character Toshu. The actor states his character Toshu has always been grey and that his character is getting darker with each passing day.

About Anupamaa's upcoming twist 

Talking about Anupamaa, it is rumored that the show might soon witness Anuj's death. Speculations are also strong that Shruti and Anuj's marriage will be canceled, thus paving the way for Anuj and Anu's reunion.  Talking about the upcoming episodes will majorly highlight Anu's participation in the cooking competition and whether she will be able to win the same. The upcoming episode is very interesting and captivating. Will Anupamaa and Anuj met again? 

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