Anupamaa serial spoiler: Anu and Anuj have been separated Shurti gets jealous about it ?

Get the latest spoiler for the Anupamaa serial as Anu and Anuj decide to end their relationship forever. Meanwhile, Shruti becomes jealous of them. Stay tuned for more drama and twists in this popular TV show.

By Parul
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The recent popular TV serial Anupamaa Takes a new turn as Anu and Anuj decide to end their relationship for. Rupali Ganguli and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupamaa captivate the audience by its captivating storyline and lead role pair chemistry. Anupamaa and Anuj are in the US and they decide to end their relationship for their Daughter Aadhya's happiness. Situations are different and they met for the last time. Anuj decided to marry Shruti and start a new life with her. Choti Anupamaa, which is known as Aadhya doesn't want Anu and Anuj to stay together forever. She Loses her parents in a plane crash. She forces Anuj to marry Shruti and stay away from Anupamaa. However. Anu and Anuj decided to separate from this relationship. 


Anu and Anuj Met in US 

Anupamaa's birthday is spoilt when Shruti comes with Anuj and gives their wedding card to Anupamaa and invites her to attend the marriage. Now it takes an emotional mode when Anu[ and Anuj meet for the last time and talk about their relationship. They reached on an emotional decision and decided to separate forever for their daughter Aadhya's happiness. After all that, Anuj back home and Informed Shruti that he met with Anupamaa. However, Shruti Will says that She is a very sad and irritating state and she spoits Anupamaa's birthday. She apologized for all that and decided to make a beautiful place in Anuj's heart. 

Anupamaa Serial's recent updates

Anupamaa and Anuj decided to end their relationship for their daughter Aadhya. Anuj decides to marry Shruti because Shruti has done a lot for Anuj and Aadhya is insecure with Anuj. Anupamaa and Anuj still love each other but do not want to stay more for Aadhya's happiness. Anuj is very depressed when he does not celebrate Anupamaa's birthday well. 

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