Anupamaa Serial Spoiler; Anu is don't gave any reaction for Pakhi's passion towards Arush, Changes are on process

Stay updated on the latest spoilers from the popular show Anupama, where Anu doesn't react to Pakhi's affection towards Arush. Find out what happens next and how this dynamic unfolds.

By Parul
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Anupamaa Serial is one of the most loving and entertaining TV shows. Popular TV actress Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupamaa show is providing peak entertainers for its viewers with its captivating storyline and amusing twists. Rupali Ganguly plays the lead character and faces several challenges in her life. She trying to survive in America by doing some hard work. Now, the Anupamaa serial is taking an interesting turn to entertain the audience. In the serial, the whole Shah Family lives in the US, where Anu meets with her ex-husband Anuj Kapadia, and his fiancee Shruti. Pakhi, Anupamaa and Vanraj's daughter seem to show affection towards green card holder Arush. 


Pakhi's obsession with Arush 

In the latest episode, we see there is a new character in the show, which is Arush. We see that Pakhi is obsessed with Arush. She introduces everyone, Baa, and other family members to Arush. She says that Arush is a green card holder in America. Then Baa said that Pakhi was once again in the wrong direction and tensed about her. Everyone sees Pakhi, who is growing close to Arush but no one says anything. 

Anupamaa simply unaffected from Pakhi 


Pakhi growing to close to the Green card holder Arush. Anupamaa noticed Pakhi but this time she simply chose to ignore her and didn't give any reaction towards her. This Time Anupamaa just ignores her and leaves. She did not interfere in Pakhi's personal life and did not give any lecture to her. She just simply let it go. Even though she knows that her daughter is growing into trouble she does not focus on her. After that viewers praised Anupamaa Who finally showed some progress. 

Upcoming twists

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Anupamaa will be seen on her mission to send her son Toshu to Jail. Toshu was the reason behind Anu went to jail. 

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