Anupamaa Serial Spoiler: Vanraj, Toshu devise evil plans, Anu want to Save Yashdeep's restaurant

Get the latest spoilers on Anupamaa serial as Vanraj and Toshu come up with evil plans while Anu is determined to save Yashdeep's restaurant. Stay updated on the drama unfolding in this popular TV show.

By Parul
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Rupali Ganguli and Gaurav Khanna starring popular TV show Anupamaa entertain viewers with its captivating storyline and unfolding drama. The show winning the audience's hearts till it started. Now The Anupamaa serial takes new turns as Anu faces more struggles in her life. In the latest episode of the Anupamaa, we will see that Anu tries to find out a way to rescue Yashdeep's restaurant. Toshu and Vanraj are upset with Anupamaa because of Anuj's big step. Now Anuj and Anupamaa are in America and they met after some years in America. Anuj is engaged to Shruti and is about to marry her. Anupamaa works in a restaurant Spice and Chutney owned by Yashdeep. Anu is very close to Yashdeep and his family. 


Anu finds a way to Save Yashdeep's Restaurant 

However, Anu knows the truth, and Anu sends Toshu to Jail. But Vanraj, Baa, and the whole Shah family are in America. Vanraj helps Toshu to run away. Anupamaa finds Toshu on Holi and puts him on bars. Anuj Takes back his complaint and Toshu returns home. On the other hand, Yashdeep struggles to save his restaurant. Yashdeep's Brother Yashpal takes a loan for the Restaurant and doesn't repay it. Yashdeep is worried about it. 

Vanraj and Toshu devise evil plans


Anupamaa is upset with Anuj For taking back the complaint and sending Toshu home. We will see that Anuj will remove Toshu from the company and leave him shocked. Toshu and Vanraj blamed Anu for all this and got upset by Anupamaa. They will make evil plans against her. 

Anupamaa's big step for Yashdeep's restaurant

Anupamaa will sooon to know about Yashdeep's problem. Then she decided to participate in a cooking competition that had a huge prize money and get back restaurant. It will be interesting to see if Anupamaa will save her restaurant with her incredible acting skills. 

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