Bigg Boss 17: Weekend Ka Vaar Continues with Salman Khan Scolding Contestants

Experience the drama, entertainment, and Salman Khan's scolding as Bigg Boss 17 continues with Weekend Ka Vaar. Stay updated on the latest gossip, controversies, and eliminations in the house.

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Bigg Boss 17: Weekend Ka Vaar

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17's Weekend Ka Vaar was nothing short of a blazing affair. Host Salman Khan did not waste any time in getting straight to the point. He addressed the contestants' behavior on the show and expressed his disappointment towards their insolence towards Karan Johar, who hosted the show in his absence last week. 

Contestants' Late Arrival Irks Salman Khan

Salman Khan, known for his no-nonsense attitude, made his entrance on the show and immediately addressed the tardiness of the contestants. Despite numerous announcements and reminders, the contestants were late for the Weekend Ka Vaar shoot. Salman Khan waited for them for approximately 20 minutes, visibly irked by their lack of punctuality.

Scolding Contestants for Their Behavior in Front of Karan Johar

An indignant Salman reprimanded the contestants for taking things too casually and not showing respect for the platform. He emphasized that their behavior was a reflection of their lack of professionalism. Salman Khan specifically mentioned the previous week's episode, which was hosted by Karan Johar.

Salman expressed his disappointment in how the contestants disrespected Karan Johar and answered back when he gave his opinion on the show. He sternly warned them that such behavior would not be tolerated and added that no one would get the opportunity to work with "Dharma" if they continued to behave in such a manner.

Salman's Message to Bigg Boss

Salman Khan, visibly frustrated with the contestants, declared that they did not deserve respect and politeness. He urged Bigg Boss to refrain from having polite and friendly chats with them, as they did not deserve it. He emphasized that they should be left to their own devices and not coddled.

Furthermore, Salman Khan highlighted the fact that many contestants from past seasons had achieved success because of the show, while others had destroyed their careers. He wanted the current contestants to understand the value and impact of their actions within the Bigg Boss house.


The Weekend Ka Vaar episodes of Bigg Boss 17 continue to entertain audiences with their high drama and intense moments. Last week, Karan Johar took over as the host, but some contestants' behavior was disgraceful and disrespectful towards him. Salman Khan, in his return as the host, scolded the contestants for their insolence and warned them about the consequences it could have on their careers.

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