Jhanak: Krushal Ahuja express Gratitude towards his fans to admires his performance and support him

In the TV serial Jhanak, actor Krushal Ahuja expresses gratitude towards his fans for admiring his performance and supporting him. Discover more about his heartfelt message and the impact of the show.

By Parul
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The Krushal Ahuja and Hiba Nawab starring The Popular TV Show Jhanak is winning the audience's hearts as it started. The Show entertains the audience with its captivating storyline and unfolding drama. Jhanak and Aniruddha are lead role pairs and viewers also praise their chemistry. Although makers have not started their love story they entertain the audience by giving various plot lines and twists in each and every episode. In the Show, Krushal Ahuja plays the role of Aniruddha and the actor captures attention, and receives immense love from the audience for his way of motivating and supporting Jhanak. So the actor pens a heartfelt note to the audience for the immense love and support. 


Krushal Ahuja pens a heartfelt note to his fans  

Krushla Ahuja plays the role of Aniruddha in the TV show Jhanak. Hiba Nawab is playing the role of Jhanak. From the last two episodes, the show is quite high in emotional amount. The audience is praising the show and appreciates the chemistry between Krushal and Hiba. The audience showers immense love towards Krushal Ahuja for his incredible performance and for the way he supports the Jhanak.  Impress by the response, Krushal pens a heartfelt note for the fans, He took to his Instagram Handle and put a story on one of his fans' page and wrote," Thank You so much for the appreciation and love you all have giving me the power to show what I am capable of much love. 

About Jhanak's next episode 

The upcoming episode of Jhanak is full of turns and twists. The show takes a new turn and you guys will see how Jhanak has agreed to her second marriage. Shristi makes evil plans toward Jhanak and she has chosen to Jhanak appears quite old, but still, Jhanak agrees to marriage. Jhanak decides to leave Aniruddha's house and start a new chapter of her life. The upcoming episodes are certainly quite interesting. 

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