Jhanak Serial spoiler: Jhanak is forcibly married with Tejas, will Anirudh finally realize his love for her wife

Experience the drama unfold as Jhanak is forced into marriage with Tejas. Will Anirudh finally realize his love for his wife? Find out the latest updates and spoilers on the Jhanak serial.

By Parul
New Update

The upcoming episode of Jhanak is highly anticipated by fans as it promises to be even more captivating than previous ones. With its interesting storyline and the chemistry between the lead roles, the show has managed to capture the audience's attention. In the last episode, viewers were left on the edge of their seats as the truth about Jhank and Aniruddha's marriage was finally revealed. It will be interesting to see how this revelation will impact the storyline and the characters moving forward. 


Jhanak serial spoiler

Jhanak Serial now takes a new turn when all the family members finally know about the marriage of Jhanak and Aniruddha. Most of the family members already hated Jhanak and now the count of haters is increased by leaps and bounds after the truth is revealed. After all that, Arshi is very angry and dazed. She locked herself in a room. Arshi's parents are very sad and panicky. after all that they called Aniruddha and warned him that if something was wrong with Arshi they would not leave him and his family. Then Aniruddha goes and strongly breaks the door. 

After all this drama, Aniruddha's family decided to inform Jhanak to somewhere with them. Jhanak without questioning ready to go with them. Aniruddha's family said Jhanak to first wipe off the sindoor. they go there mandir and tell Jhanak to remove Sindoor with proper rituals.   

Upcoming promo

Now In an upcoming promo of the serial is out, where Jhanak's sindoor is forcibly wiped off and her bangles are crushed. Arshi's Parents have decided to plan her second marriage. They said she is not left as a widow. Soon, a man is coming with some bridal accessories. Who is this man? The real truth of this man is unveiled in the next episode. The upcoming episode is more interesting. The audience thinks that this man is none other than Tejas. 

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