BB 17: Rohit Shetty advises Abhishek Kumar to manage his aggression

In Bigg Boss 17, Rohit Shetty advises Abhishek Kumar to work on controlling his aggression. Find out more about the incident and their interaction on the show.

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Rohit Shetty

Rohit shetty at Bigg Boss 17

The final stage of Bigg Boss is currently underway, with the highly anticipated finale just around the corner. The top five contestants are prepared to give each other a run for their money, showcasing their skills and determination. Among the final five contenders in Bigg Boss 17 are Ankita Lokhande, Munawar Faruqui, Abhishek Kumar, Mannara Chopra, and Arun Mashetty. In a recent episode, the renowned action director and host of Khatron Ke Khiladi 14, Rohit Shetty, made an appearance in the house to engage with the top five contestants. During this visit, a serious conversation took place between Rohit Shetty and Abhishek Kumar regarding the latter's past issues with aggression and allegations of violent behavior towards women. Rohit Shetty addressed these concerns by posing several questions to Abhishek Kumar.

Rohit Shetty provides education to Abhishek Kumar

Bigg Boss 17 is currently preparing for its highly anticipated finale. Filmmaker Rohit Shetty has made a special appearance on the show as a guest. During his time on the show, Rohit addresses Abhishek Kumar's aggressive behavior and advises him against resorting to physical violence with any woman in the future. Rohit accuses Abhishek of consistently playing the victim card and forming close relationships with people during conflicts. In response, Abhishek defends himself by stating that the other person is equally at fault. Rohit suggests that if that's the case, he should immediately end the relationship instead of allowing it to become a viral issue.

Rohit Shetty give a special offer to Abhishek Kumar

Yesterday evening, Rohit Shetty made an appearance on the popular reality show Bigg Boss 17 as a special guest. During his time on the show, Rohit Shetty engaged in a serious conversation with Abhishek Kumar, discussing his past experiences and offering some valuable advice. One of the key topics they discussed was the importance of respecting women and controlling one's aggression. In the midst of their conversation, Rohit extended an invitation to Abhishek to participate in his adrenaline-fueled reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi 14. However, Abhishek did not immediately accept the offer, expressing his intention to make a final decision once he is outside the Bigg Boss house.

Rohit Shetty asked Munawar Faruqui about his low standard gameplay  

Rohit Shetty, a renowned filmmaker in the Indian industry, has recently confronted Munawar Faruqui in a promotional video. He not only reminds him how he brought attention to his son and another girl but also questions whether Munawar believes he has merely played a role throughout the entire season. Rohit goes on to highlight how Munawar and Ayesha have deceived their audience by conveniently using his ex-girlfriend Nazila's name on the show.


Bigg Boss 17 is getting ready for its grand finale. The highly anticipated event is scheduled for January 28 and promises to be a star-studded affair. In an upcoming episode, Rohit Shetty, the host of Khatron Ke Khiladi and a popular filmmaker, made an entry into the Bigg Boss house to entertain the contestants. Rohit took the opportunity to grill the top 5 participants and questioned them thoroughly. During the interaction, Rohit Shetty accused Abhishek Kumar of playing the victim card and also addressed the issue of him raising his hand against women.

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