Ronit Roy reveals a shocking incident where he admits to almost killing a food delivery person

Ronit Roy's shocking revelation of nearly causing harm to a food delivery person highlights the importance of keeping our emotions in check during stressful situations. Read more about this incident and its repercussions.

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Ronit Roy

Renowned Bollywood star Ronit Roy recently made a startling confession on his social media platform, recounting an incident where he nearly caused harm to a Swiggy delivery person. Known for his incredible acting abilities and captivating appearance, Ronit Roy has always left a lasting impact on his audience. However, in a recent revelation, the actor expressed his frustration with individuals who disregard traffic rules by riding on the wrong side, thereby endangering their own lives. Roy's anger is directed towards those who fail to follow proper road etiquette and jeopardize the safety of others.


Ronit Roy's Shocking revelations

Ronit Roy has shared some alarming revelations about the immense pressure faced by delivery personnel in the food industry and their disregard for their own safety. The actor recently disclosed an incident where he unintentionally put the life of a Swiggy delivery person at risk. Taking to social media, Ronit expressed his concern and shared a post detailing the incident involving one of the riders from the popular online food ordering and delivery platform. This incident sheds light on the challenging circumstances faced by these delivery professionals who are entrusted with the task of ensuring timely food deliveries, often at the expense of their own well-being.

Ronit Roy twitted Swiggy


Following a startling disclosure, Ronit Roy took to Twitter and addressed Swiggy, expressing that he had a close call with one of their delivery riders. He emphasized the need for proper instructions on riding. Roy pointed out that riding those compact electric mopeds should not entail driving on the wrong side of the road, against oncoming traffic. He questioned whether Swiggy truly values the safety and lives of their riders, or if it is simply business as usual for them.

Swiggy's response 

Following a tweet from Ronit Roy, Swiggy responded by stating that they expect their delivery partners to adhere to all traffic regulations. Swiggy also mentioned that they have taken note of the situation and will investigate further. They requested Ronit to provide any additional details that may be available, in order to take the necessary action.


Famous Bollywood actor Ronit Roy recently revealed a shocking incident on his social media account, recounting a situation where he came close to causing harm to a Swiggy delivery person. Ronit Roy has shared some disturbing insights into the high levels of pressure experienced by delivery personnel in the food industry and their lack of concern for their own well-being. He stressed the importance of providing clear guidance on safe riding practices. In response, Swiggy stated that they have strict expectations for their delivery partners to comply with all traffic rules and regulations.

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