Salman Khan Has Been Big Attraction For Me On Bigg Boss Says Rinku Dhawan

In a recent interview, Rinku Dhawan expressed her admiration for Salman Khan and how he has been a major attraction for her on Bigg Boss. Read more about the impact of Salman Khan on Bigg Boss Season 17.

By Aishwarya
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Salman Khan

When it comes to the popular reality show Bigg Boss, one name that immediately comes to mind is Salman Khan. The Bollywood superstar has been the face of the show for several seasons, and his charismatic presence has made him a big attraction for both the contestants and the audience. In this article, we will explore why Salman Khan is such a big draw on Bigg Boss and how he has contributed to the show's success.

The Power of Salman Khan

Salman Khan's association with Bigg Boss has undoubtedly played a significant role in the show's popularity. His star power and fan following bring a certain level of excitement and anticipation to each season. Salman's unique hosting style, which combines humor, wit, and a no-nonsense attitude, has made him a beloved figure among the audience.

A Charismatic Host

Salman Khan's charisma and charm have made him the perfect host for Bigg Boss. His larger-than-life persona and magnetic presence on the screen make the show more engaging and entertaining. Whether he is mediating conflicts between contestants or sharing his insights on the game, Salman's ability to connect with the audience is unparalleled.

The Voice of Reason

One of the reasons why Salman Khan stands out as a host on Bigg Boss is his ability to be the voice of reason. He doesn't shy away from calling out contestants for their behavior or actions, and his frank discussions with them often lead to moments of self-reflection and growth. Salman's guidance and advice have helped many contestants navigate the challenges of the show and emerge as better individuals.

Entertainment Quotient

Salman Khan's presence on Bigg Boss adds an extra dose of entertainment to the show. His witty one-liners, impromptu dance performances, and playful banter with the contestants make for some memorable moments. Salman's ability to bring a sense of fun and lightheartedness to the show ensures that the audience is always entertained.

Salman Khan and the Contestants

Salman Khan's interactions with the contestants are one of the highlights of Bigg Boss. His rapport with the participants, be it playful or serious, adds an extra dimension to the show. Let's take a look at some of the ways Salman has influenced the contestants and left a lasting impact on them.

Mentorship and Guidance

Salman Khan's mentorship and guidance have been instrumental in shaping the journey of many contestants on Bigg Boss. He provides them with valuable insights, encourages them to showcase their true selves, and helps them understand the nuances of the game. Salman's support and advice have often given contestants the confidence to face challenges head-on and grow as individuals.

Tough Love

While Salman Khan is known for his friendly and jovial nature, he also doesn't shy away from tough love when needed. He holds contestants accountable for their actions and doesn't hesitate to reprimand them if they cross the line. Salman's no-nonsense approach ensures that the contestants are aware of the consequences of their behavior and helps maintain a sense of discipline in the house.

Emotional Connect

Salman Khan's emotional connect with the contestants is evident in the way he empathizes with their struggles and celebrates their victories. He forms genuine bonds with them, which is reflected in his interactions. Salman's ability to connect with the contestants on an emotional level makes the show more relatable and humanizes the participants in the eyes of the audience.

Impact on Audience

Salman Khan's association with Bigg Boss has had a significant impact on the audience. His popularity and influence extend beyond the boundaries of the show, making him a role model for many. Let's explore how Salman's presence on Bigg Boss has influenced the audience.

Increased Viewership

Salman Khan's star power has undoubtedly contributed to the increased viewership of Bigg Boss. His loyal fan base eagerly tunes in to watch him on the show, which results in higher TRP ratings. Salman's ability to captivate the audience with his presence and hosting skills has played a vital role in the show's success.

Social Media Buzz

Salman Khan's presence on Bigg Boss creates a significant buzz on social media platforms. His fans actively engage in discussions and debates about the show, making it a trending topic. Salman's popularity and fan following ensure that Bigg Boss remains a hot topic of conversation throughout the season.

Influence on Pop Culture

Salman Khan's association with Bigg Boss has had a lasting impact on pop culture. His catchphrases, mannerisms, and hosting style have become iconic and are often imitated by fans. Salman's presence on the show has become synonymous with Bigg Boss, elevating its status as one of the most-watched reality shows in India.


Salman Khan's role as the host of Bigg Boss has been instrumental in shaping the show's success. His charisma, mentorship, and entertainment quotient make him a big attraction for both the contestants and the audience. Salman's impact on the show goes beyond just hosting, as he forms genuine connections with the participants and influences the way the audience perceives the show. As Bigg Boss continues to entertain viewers with its drama and suspense, Salman Khan's presence ensures that it remains a must-watch for fans across the country.

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