Anticipation Surrounds Netflix Premiere of Animal as Makers Plans

Get the latest updates on the highly anticipated premiere of Animal on Netflix as the makers make last-minute changes to their original plans. Stay tuned for all the exciting details.

By Dishant Chauhan
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Animal movie

Greetings, everyone! Exciting news is in the air as Netflix prepares to unveil Animal, the film that shook the box office with the incredible performances of Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol. Scheduled to hit the OTT platform on January 26, the movie has left streaming enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its arrival.

The Journey to OTT

Following its remarkable success at the box office, Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol's Animal is poised for an OTT release on Netflix. Set to premiere on January 26, fans, including myself, are counting down the days with great excitement. However, a recent update brings a tinge of disappointment.

Censorship Cuts

Despite securing a censor board certificate for its theatrical release, Animal underwent significant edits. Initially, the film spanned nearly 4 hours, but the censor board decided to trim it down to 3 hours, 23 minutes, and 29 seconds.

Uncertainty and Clarification

Speculations circulated that director Sandeep Reddy Vanga might release an uncensored version on OTT platforms. However, the latest clarification confirms that Animal will indeed have a theatrical release on Netflix, maintaining its edited runtime. According to sources close to the film, the OTT version will remain consistent with the theatrical cut, devoid of any additional scenes.

Box Office Success Continues

It's worth noting that Animal, featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Rashmika Mandanna, Anil Kapoor, and Trypti Dimri, has been thriving in theaters for over 40 days. The film, released on December 1, has not only crossed the 550.85 crore mark in India but has also surpassed 900 crores globally, solidifying its status as a blockbuster.


As the excitement builds for the Netflix premiere of Animal, fans eagerly anticipate the on-screen magic of Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol. Despite the unexpected turns, the film's success in both the Indian and global box offices suggests that it continues to capture audiences' hearts.

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