BGDC Teaser : Unveils Saga of Dreams and Sisterhood

Join us as we unveil the exciting teaser for BGDC, a series that promises to showcase the saga of dreams and sisterhood like never before. Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes insights.

By Sonali Pandey
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BGDC Teaser

Amazon Prime Video India recently announced their upcoming Indian original series titled 'BGDC,' an abbreviation for 'Big Girls Don't Cry.' The teaser for this highly anticipated series has just been released, giving viewers a glimpse into the lives of the female protagonists in a boarding school setting. The show stars the talented Pooja Bhatt, who takes on the lead role and delivers a powerful performance.


BGDC Teaser: A Tale of Conflict and Curiosity

The BGDC teaser opens with a captivating scene of two groups of girls engaged in a heated confrontation. Tension fills the air as one girl boldly declares the other as 'talentless.' The teaser piques viewers' curiosity further when one girl throws a punch at her rival, leaving us wondering about the underlying issue causing such animosity.

While the teaser does not explicitly reveal the nature of the conflict, it successfully captures the attention of the audience. This brief glimpse into the world of BGDC sets the stage for a compelling narrative that promises to delve into the lives of its female protagonists and explore the themes of dreams, aspirations, and sisterhood.


Pooja Bhatt's Impactful Presence

In the BGDC teaser, Pooja Bhatt's strong and captivating presence shines through. The teaser showcases her addressing the girls of the boarding school on a stage, asking them a thought-provoking question, 'Who are you?' Her commanding voice and charisma leave a lasting impression, building anticipation for her role in the series.

Pooja Bhatt's return to the screen after her guest appearance on Bigg Boss 17 has generated excitement among her fans. Her portrayal of a prominent character in BGDC is expected to be a standout performance that showcases her versatility as an actress.


OTT Details and Release Date

Prime Video India revealed that BGDC will be available for streaming on their platform from March 14 onwards. The teaser serves as an invitation to viewers, promising a story that celebrates dreams, aspirations, and sisterhood. The release date announcement has sparked enthusiasm among fans eagerly awaiting the premiere of this highly anticipated series.

The Creative Team and Stellar Cast


BGDC brings together a talented team of directors, including Nitya Mehra, Karan Kapadia, Kopal Naithani, and Sudhanshu Saria. With their distinct artistic visions, they are set to bring the story of BGDC to life on screen.

The series boasts an impressive ensemble cast, led by the talented Pooja Bhatt. Zoya Hussain, Lovleen Misra, Mukul Chadda, Raima Sen, Dalai Tenzin Lhakyila, Avantika Vandanapu, Aneet Padda, Akshita Sood, Afrah Sayed, and Vidushi also feature in significant roles. This diverse and talented cast is expected to deliver remarkable performances, adding depth and authenticity to the characters of BGDC.

Social Media Buzz and Audience Expectations


The release of the BGDC teaser has generated significant buzz on social media platforms. Viewers are eagerly awaiting the series and expressing their excitement through comments and shares. The powerful voice of Pooja Bhatt, coupled with the intriguing teaser, has heightened expectations for BGDC. Audiences are looking forward to witnessing the captivating narrative and the exploration of themes such as dreams, aspirations, and sisterhood.


The BGDC teaser has offered a glimpse into the world of dreams and sisterhood that awaits viewers in this upcoming Indian original series. Pooja Bhatt's commanding presence and the intriguing conflict showcased in the teaser have left audiences eagerly anticipating the release of BGDC on Prime Video India. With a talented cast, skilled directors, and a compelling storyline, BGDC aims to captivate viewers with its exploration of the lives of girls in a boarding school setting. Mark your calendars for March 14, as BGDC promises to be a must-watch series that celebrates dreams, aspirations, and the power of sisterhood.

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