Top 10 Indian Web Series That Portray LGBT Relationships

Indian web series have evolved in their portrayal of LGBT relationships, with a more sensitive and mature approach

The Married Woman

on ALTBalaji addresses LGBT relationships and tackles various social issues and taboos prevalent in society

Made in Heaven

on Amazon Prime Video sensitively portrays same-sex relationships and offers a unique perspective on love and acceptance

His Storyy

on ALTBalaji explores themes of homosexuality and infidelity within a marriage, delivering thought-provoking and emotional exploration of love, betrayal, and self-discovery


on Netflix, while focusing on a heterosexual couple, also explores the blossoming feelings between two female best friends, adding a refreshing and inclusive element to the show

Ajeeb Daastaans

on Netflix features two stories that revolve around same-sex relationships, offering diverse and inclusive storytelling

Romil & Jugal

on ALTBalaji portrays gay characters without relying on stereotypes, bringing a gay twist to the iconic love story of Romeo and Juliet

Four More Shots Please

on Amazon Prime Video explores the lives and friendships of four women, delving into a lesbian relationship in the second season

Indian web series have made significant progress in portraying LGBT relationships, contributing to a more inclusive and accepting society