Mahesh Babu 'Guntur Kaaram' A Power Packed OTT Release on the Horizon

Get ready for the power-packed web series 'Guntur Kaaram' starring Mahesh Babu, coming soon to your favorite OTT platform. Explore the excitement and thrill of this highly anticipated release.

By Dishant Chauhan
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Guntur Kaaram

Renowned director Trivikram Srinivas is gearing up for another blockbuster with Mahesh Babu in the spicy entertainer 'Guntur Kaaram,' finally set for an OTT release. 'Guntur Kaaram,' Mahesh Babu's masala entertainer, had hit cinema screens on January 12th, garnering impressive collections at the box office. The film received rave reviews from audiences, showcasing Mahesh Babu's prowess in captivating the masses.

Mahesh Babu's 'Guntur Kaaram' captured the attention of the audience with its theatrical release on January 12th. The film not only performed exceptionally well at the box office but also received glowing reviews from viewers. The buzz around 'Guntur Kaaram' has continued to grow, even a month after its release.

As is customary with Mahesh Babu's films in the South, the anticipation for his upcoming projects is always high. The excitement to witness Mahesh Babu's on-screen charisma is palpable. Recently released on January 12th, 'Guntur Kaaram' has already made waves at the box office, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of the audience.

OTT Release Announcement for 'Guntur Kaaram'

For those who missed the opportunity to watch 'Guntur Kaaram' in theaters and are eagerly waiting to experience it from the comfort of their homes, there is good news. The official Instagram page of Netflix India announced the OTT release of 'Guntur Kaaram' by sharing a captivating poster. The film is scheduled to stream on Netflix on February 9th, 2024, in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi.

Mahesh Babu's Stellar Performance and Audience Reception

In 'Guntur Kaaram,' Mahesh Babu essays the role of Rowdy Ramana, winning hearts with his stellar performance. The film showcases action sequences that are a treat for the audience. Mahesh Babu, a celebrated superstar, is known for taking on challenging and powerful characters, and 'Guntur Kaaram' is no exception.

Counting the Success: 'Guntur Kaaram' and its Impact

'Guntur Kaaram' not only features Mahesh Babu but also stars Shri Leela, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishna, Rao Ramesh, Jagapathi Babu , Ajay Ghosh, and several other accomplished actors. Written and directed by Trivikram Srinivas, the film is produced under the Harika and Hassine Creations banner by Naga Vamsi. Thaman S provides the music for this family-action film that revolves around the relationships between a son and his mother.


The journey of 'Guntur Kaaram' from its theatrical release to the much-anticipated OTT release on Netflix is a testament to its success. Mahesh Babu's captivating portrayal of Rowdy Ramana, combined with Trivikram Srinivas's direction, promises an exhilarating cinematic experience. As fans eagerly await the film's streaming debut on February 9th, 'Guntur Kaaram' is poised to leave a lasting impression on audiences across different linguistic landscapes.

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