Mismatched 3: Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf's behind-the-scenes moments will make you excited for the web series

Dive into the exciting behind-the-scenes moments of Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf as they star in the web series, Mismatched 3. Get a sneak peek at their on-screen chemistry and off-screen fun!

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A collection of 3 BTS pictures showcasing Prajakta Koli, Rohit Saraf, and other cast members will undoubtedly heighten your anticipation for the upcoming web series. The arrival of Mismatched Season 3 has captivated fans, keeping them engrossed in the storylines presented. The show has successfully struck a chord with viewers, resulting in high anticipation for the release of its third season on OTT platforms. Fans eagerly await the opportunity to be reunited with their beloved characters and immerse themselves in the new adventures that lie ahead.


Prajakta Kohli and Rohit Saraf's adorbale chemistry 

Prajakta Kohli recently posted photos on her social media, featuring her Mismatched co-star Rohit Saraf. Their incredible chemistry has captured the hearts of fans, leaving them longing for more. The bond between Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli has only grown stronger with each passing day. Not long ago, Rohit Saraf shared a picture with Prajakta, announcing the completion of the Hyderabad shoot for the third season. In another picture, the actors showcase their exceptional talent against a stunning sunset backdrop. Rohit can be seen embracing Prajakta, who wears a sweet smile on her face. These behind-the-scenes pictures from Mismatched season 3 are sure to keep you hooked to your TV screens..

Mismatched season 3 Captivating storyline


Season 3 of "Mismatched" takes a fresh, unexpected turn as Dimple and Rishi find themselves in an unfamiliar city, confronted with a completely new set of challenges. After successfully navigating the ups and downs of young love and long-distance relationships, they now embark on the unexplored path of adulthood, with all its intricacies and responsibilities. With an engrossing storyline, relatable characters, and a talented cast, Season 3 of "Mismatched" is set to build on the series' success and provide viewers with a glimpse into the ever-evolving lives of Dimple and Rishi as they navigate the complexities of love, ambition, and the ever-changing world of adulthood.

Director Akash talks about Mismatched Season 3 

The team behind "Mismatched," comprising Director Akarsh Khurana and writer Gazal Dhaliwal, shared their enthusiasm for Season 3. They expressed their excitement about reintroducing Dimple and Rishi to the dedicated fans on Netflix. This upcoming season is set to be a transformative experience for the characters. They will encounter rekindled chemistry, novel obstacles, and an impending storm that will challenge their beliefs. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of emotions as this season guarantees to deliver everything the fans have eagerly anticipated!


A captivating assortment of 3 behind-the-scenes (BTS) images showcasing the talented cast members, including Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf, is bound to intensify your excitement for the upcoming web series. The highly anticipated arrival of Mismatched Season 3 has enthralled fans, keeping them fully engaged in the enthralling storylines that unfold. Recently, Prajakta Koli took to her social media platforms to share mesmerizing photographs featuring her co-star from Mismatched, Rohit Saraf. In Season 3 of this beloved series, titled "Mismatched," viewers can expect an unexpected twist as Dimple and Rishi find themselves venturing into an unfamiliar city, where they are confronted with a whole new set of challenges that will keep them on their toes.

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