The Lost Girl: Prachi Bansal perform a gripping performance of a piteous girl in Aditya Ranoliya's film

Prachi Bansal delivers a poignant and captivating performance as "The Lost Girl", showcasing her talent and emotional depth. Witness her gripping portrayal in this unforgettable performance.

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the lost girl

The Lost Girl is The story of a young girl who is separated from her family and parents during some wars and struggles for 15 years continuously. The Lost Girl is a Highly anticipated film directed by Aditya Ranoliya. The film is all about an innocent Girl Suhani. Today, The film is going to hit the screen. 


The Lost Girl Review

The Lost Girl is a story of a 5 years old little girl who refuses to surrender and faces so many problems and struggles out for her survival. The highly anticipated film, The Lost Girl hit the screen today. In the story, a 5-year-old girl is separated from her family. In this time 1984, In Delhi, Brutal Sikh riots were very palpable. Between the Sikh Riots, the 5 year old girl Suhani loses her family and she has no idea about her family. After that, she lives alone in a dangerous and unknown world. She has faced many problems for 15 years. But the little girl Suhani doesn't give up and refuses to surrender. 

The Lost Girl: Performances 


In the film, Prachi Bnasal plays the role of Little girl Suhani and delivers a gripping remarkable performance.  In The film, Bhupesh Singh, Aronica Ranoliya, and other team members also give remarkable solid performances and play their pivotal roles genuinely. The whole cast of the film is adding layers of complexity to the narrative. 

About The Lost Girl Movie 

Directed by Writer and director  Aaditya Ranoliya, the Lost Girl is a most anticipated film that is released today. Prachi Bansal lead role player and plays the role of a firve year old girl Suhani. In the film The Lost Girl, Bhupesh Singh, Aronica Ranoliya, and other members play pivotal roles. The film is all about a five years old girl Suhani and her struggle. 

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