Tiger review: Priyanka Chopra brings a sense of attachment with her narration style

A detailed review of "Tiger" where Priyanka Chopra's captivating narration style brings a unique sense of attachment to the storytelling. Find out more about this compelling film now.

By Parul
New Update

Disneynature has come with a new documentary on one of the most dangerous wild animals Tiger's life. A period of 1500 days in the forests of India, The film Tiger takes you through the interesting and struggling life of a tigress and her four cubs. Normally, as a normal human, we think that Tigers and Tigress are some of the most powerful and deadly animals but this film makes you feel and aware of how badly they face survival challenges on a daily life basis. The actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas narrated the story of a tigress and her four little cubs.


Tiger: Plot    

It is the story of one young tigress named Ambar who has  4 cubs. The story is all about Ambar and her four cubs and her life revolves around nurturing them. Ambar protects her cubs from dangerous Pythons, bears, and other male tigers and helps them learn necessary survival skills as they grow up. While in this time she faces many innumerable challenges but is there anything that can break her spirit? 

Priyanka Chopra's narration in Tiger 


Tiger, The documentary is styled and narration by the actress Priyanka Chopra. She gave her voice to the documentary and her voice and narration style were so good that ia tough to believe that a human telling the daily life story and struggles of Tiger and Tigress. The cinematography is superb but makes you fall into the wilderness. 

Tiger: A sense of attachment 

The documentary Tiger feels a sense of attachment to the family. The story of Ambar and her four cubs is amazing and feels like a family. Their challenges feel like your own challenges and you find yourself rooting for them. At that time, other animal feels like family members too. It is a very beautiful and well-narrated documentary on the life of wild creatures. 

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