Top 10 Hindi Political Web Series to Watch Online

1. City Of Dreams

City Of Dreams is a must-watch political drama that delves into the blurred lines between morality and immorality in the quest for dominance

2. Maharani

Maharani follows the challenges faced by Rani Bharti as she becomes the unexpected successor to her husband's position as Chief Minister

3. Mirzapur

Mirzapur is a thrilling web series that explores the dark underbelly of a city and the power struggles that ensue between mafia bosses and two brothers

4. Tandav

Tandav delves into the complexities of Indian politics and the lengths people go to attain power, focusing on the flamboyant leader of the Janata Lok Dal party

5. Dark 7 White

Dark 7 White offers a unique perspective on the political landscape of Rajasthan as the investigation into the murder of a young politician unfolds

6. Rangbaaz

Rangbaaz is a gripping tale based on the true story of a notorious mobster and his rise to power in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

7. Pataal Lok

Pataal Lok uses metaphors of heaven, earth, and hell to depict the corruption and various classes of Indian society within a high-profile crime investigation

8. Queen

Queen chronicles the life of Shakthi Sheshadri and her journey from the film industry to politics, offering a refreshing take on the intersection of entertainment and politics

9. The Chargesheet

The Chargesheet is a gripping thriller that uncovers shocking revelations behind the death of a national table tennis champion, exposing the dark underbelly of sports and politics

10. Rangbaaz Phirse

Rangbaaz Phirse portrays the rise to power of a Rajasthani gangster and his interactions with the political elite, highlighting the challenges faced by law enforcement