Vivek Oberoi continues his journey with Rohit Shetty in 'Ration Card'

Join Vivek Oberoi on his artistic journey as he candidly explores his collaboration with filmmaker Rohit Shetty in the film 'Ration Card'. Discover the depth and creativity behind their partnership.

By Dishant Chauhan
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Vivek Oberoi

In the dynamic world of Indian cinema, the amalgamation of seasoned actors and visionary directors often gives rise to extraordinary narratives. A recent collaboration that has captivated audiences is the partnership between versatile actor Vivek Oberoi and acclaimed filmmaker Rohit Shetty. Following their successful venture with the web series 'Indian Police Force,' the duo embarks on a new journey together, delving into the intriguing world of 'Ration Card.'

A Seamless Transition: From 'Indian Police Force' to 'Ration Card'

This transition from one project to another is not merely a change but a seamless continuation of a creative partnership that transcends the traditional boundaries of filmmaking. As Vivek Oberoi steps into the realm of 'Ration Card,' the excitement surrounding this collaboration reaches new heights.

A Creative Family: Rohit Shetty's Unique Universe

In a recent interview, Vivek Oberoi shared insights into the significance of 'Ration Card' and the profound camaraderie he shares with Rohit Shetty. "Being a part of Rohit Shetty's 'Ration Card' is truly exciting. In Rohit's creative universe, any artist he admires becomes an integral part of his extended family," expresses Vivek, highlighting the unique familial bond that often forms between the director and his chosen collaborators.

Beyond Professionalism: A Deeper Connection

The transition from 'Indian Police Force' to 'Ration Card' isn't just a professional leap; it symbolizes a deeper connection and a sense of belonging within Rohit Shetty's creative sphere. Rohit Shetty, known for his distinct directorial style and larger-than-life storytelling, has a knack for making his collaborators feel like an essential part of his artistic family.

A Playful Gesture: The Ration Card Moment

The warmth shared between Rohit Shetty and Vivek Oberoi became evident when Rohit, during an interview, playfully embraced Vivek, proclaiming, "Your ration card is ready." This light-hearted moment, though seemingly trivial, encapsulates the genuine camaraderie and mutual admiration that defines their collaboration.

Symbolism in 'Ration Card': A Concept Beyond the Screen

'Ration Card' isn't just a project; it's a concept that adds a layer of uniqueness to the narrative. Beyond the screen, it symbolizes the integration of artists into a cinematic family, where their contributions are not just acknowledged but celebrated. Vivek Oberoi's journey from 'Indian Police Force' to 'Ration Card' is more than a professional achievement; it's a testament to the collaborative and familial atmosphere that defines Rohit Shetty's creative ventures.

Emotional Connections: Behind the Scenes

In the interview, Vivek Oberoi reflected on an emotional moment during the shoot when Rohit Shetty, impressed by his performance, embraced him and declared the completion of his 'ration card.' This gesture, though light-hearted, speaks volumes about the genuine connections formed on the sets of Rohit Shetty's projects.

A Continuous Collaboration: Mutual Appreciation

The collaboration between Vivek Oberoi and Rohit Shetty extends beyond the screen, with the director expressing his admiration for Vivek's portrayal of Vikram Bakshi in 'Indian Police Force.' This mutual appreciation and understanding between the two artists have fueled a desire to collaborate continuously, evident in Vivek's inclusion in the latest project, 'Ration Card.'

Anticipating 'Ration Card': A Unique Narrative Unfolds

As 'Ration Card' unfolds, audiences can anticipate a unique narrative that not only entertains but also resonates on a personal level. Vivek Oberoi's inclusion brings a wealth of talent and experience, blending seamlessly with Rohit Shetty's distinct directorial style. The project promises to deliver a cinematic experience that transcends expectations and offers a perfect blend of creativity and heartfelt storytelling.


In conclusion, Vivek Oberoi's journey from 'Indian Police Force' to 'Ration Card' is a captivating exploration of artistic evolution within the realm of Indian entertainment. The excitement surrounding this collaboration is not just about the on-screen narrative but also the behind-the-scenes camaraderie that defines the magic of Rohit Shetty's cinematic universe. As Vivek Oberoi continues his artistic odyssey, audiences eagerly await the unveiling of 'Ration Card' and the magic that this dynamic collaboration is set to bring to the silver screen.

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