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NewsOnFloor - indeed Entertainment

NewsOnFloor.com is a professional content website into Entertainment domain. We also have out feet into Business and Financing news. Our aim is to provide quality content to the readers while being creative along with keeping the authenticity of the content on our website.

On NewsOnFloor we cover all the latest Bollywood stories and ongoing activities to entertain our readers. You can know about the Celebrities lifestyle by reading our articles on them and their life. We cover all the latest releases of the movies, trailers etc. The Bollywood controversies have never left behind and it gives the spicey content to the readers to read upon, so we cover that also you feel you much more entertained with the Bollywood Spicey content.

Everyday in the Bollywood industry there are many things happening related to the celebrity lifestyles, their up's and down's, controversies, marriages, divorces etc. we ensure that our readers remain updated with our covers of news and stories about the Bollywood stars lifestyles on these hot topics.

Celebrity images and videos is another segment on our website that we pursue for our user base. People love to watch the celebrity images, they love to know about their latest outfits, and about their lifestyle, so we cover them all for you in celebrity images. Videos are always the point of attraction for the Bollywood fans, we cover latest Bollywood short videos on Celebrity spotting on Airports, malls, gym etc. and we also cover their interviews.

Apart from the Entertainment, we also provides articles on the Business and Financing news.

We have categorized content on our websites in different categories under which we regularly update the content in form of authentic articles, videos and images.

Categories on our Website

Different category option helps to sort and organize the content on the website. When readers come to the forum, they can choose their selective categories to read upon. One can search and find the area of their interest and the content of their requirement.

Currently we have Entertainment - Bollywood, Hollywood, Business and Finance categories available on our website in which we regularly update the content for our readers.

Entertainment – Bollywood

Entertainment is our main category in which we cover every Bollywood news, Celebrity news, Celebrity lifestyle news and latest ongoing activities in the Bollywood industry. We provide authentic and well researched articles to our readers written by our Editorial Team. We cover latest movies release date, movies trailers, Bollywood controversies, Bollywood hot and spicey content. Latest celebrity images, their hot images, their lifestyle and outfits images. We also cover latest Bollywood videos, trailers, celebrity spotting etc.

Entertainment – Hollywood

On NewOnFloor, our aim to make our readers to stay updated in the Entertainment industry with every news all around the world, hence we cover Hollywood ongoings as well for them. We provide latest Hollywood movies releases, trailers, dates etc. In form of authentic articles. We cover all the latest news and stories floating in the Hollywood.

Business and Finance

We cover latest business and financial news on our website under this category. We provide authentic and well researched articles on business, finance, stock market, business strategies, market situations up's and down's etc.