Blue Beetle Movie Review: A Promising Franchise Starter with a Nostalgic Touch

Read the detailed review of the Blue Beetle movie, a promising franchise starter with a nostalgic touch. Discover the strengths, weaknesses, and overall verdict on this superhero film.

By Aishwarya
blue beetle review

Blue Beetle Movie Review

The highly anticipated Blue Beetle movie, directed by Ángel Manuel Soto, marks an exciting addition to Warner Bros.' new cinematic universe of films based on DC Comics characters. With its celebration of Mexican culture and a thoughtfully executed plan, Blue Beetle has the potential to become a successful franchise starter for Warner Bros. However, while the film's nostalgic elements and strong family dynamics impress, its overly familiar plotline may leave some viewers longing for a fresh take on the superhero genre.

A Hero's Journey Rooted in Mexican Culture

Set in a vibrant corner of DC's multiverse, Blue Beetle follows the journey of Jaime Reyes (portrayed by Xolo Maridueña), a recent college graduate who unexpectedly becomes a superhero after encountering a bug-like piece of technology that fuses with his nervous system. As the eldest child of Mexican immigrants, Jaime feels a deep sense of duty to make his family proud and appreciates the opportunities they have provided him and his sister. The film beautifully portrays the tight-knit Latino family unit, showcasing their love, quirks, and support for Jaime's heroic endeavors.

A Distinct Approach to the Hero's Journey

Blue Beetle takes a unique approach by keeping Jaime's family at the forefront of the story, emphasizing their importance in his transformation into the Blue Beetle. Unlike other superhero movies where loved ones often take a backseat, Blue Beetle showcases the Reyes family as Jaime's support system and adds depth to their on-screen dynamic. This choice allows audiences to relate to the average tight-knit Latino family unit and adds an authentic touch to the narrative.

A Rote and Predictable Plotline

Despite its strengths, Blue Beetle falls short in delivering a truly innovative storyline. Much of the film's two-hour runtime feels like a rehash of familiar superhero tropes, catering to younger audiences who may not have seen many films of this genre. While the movie's humor and action sequences may please comic book fans, those seeking a fresh take on DC stories may find Blue Beetle lacking in originality. However, the film's heart and genuine portrayal of family dynamics compensate for its predictable plotline.

Villains with Limited Depth

Blue Beetle introduces Victoria Kord (Susan Sarandon) as the power-hungry villain and her rebellious niece Jenny (Bruna Marquezine). Unfortunately, both characters lack depth and fail to provide Sarandon and Marquezine with substantial material to showcase their acting skills. This limitation hinders the film's ability to create a truly compelling antagonist.

Action-Packed Showdown and Dated Execution

The film brings its characters together in an action-packed finale, where Jaime must stop Victoria from becoming a global threat. However, the execution of this climax feels surprisingly dated, reminiscent of older comic book films rather than embodying the new and improved approach promised by DC Studios. While the action sequences may entertain, they lack the innovation and freshness that audiences have come to expect from superhero movies in recent years.

Teasing the Future of the DC Universe

Blue Beetle tantalizes viewers with hints and teases about the future of the DC universe, leaving room for potential crossovers with other heroes. The film's mid-credits teaser sparks intrigue, suggesting exciting possibilities for Jaime's future encounters with other DC characters. However, the delayed release of Blue Beetle may have dampened its impact, leaving viewers wishing Warner Bros. had brought the film to theaters sooner.


In conclusion, Blue Beetle offers a promising start to a potential franchise within Warner Bros.' DC cinematic universe. The film effectively celebrates Mexican culture and emphasizes the importance of family in Jaime Reyes' journey as the Blue Beetle. While the movie's plotline may feel overly familiar and its villains lack depth, Blue Beetle captures the essence of a tight-knit Latino family and delivers heartfelt performances. Though not entirely groundbreaking, the film's nostalgic touch and potential for future crossovers leave viewers eager to see what lies ahead for Jaime Reyes and the DC universe.

Blue Beetle is set to hit theaters on August 18th, bringing the iconic character to life and inviting audiences into the world of DC's multiverse

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