Neeyat Movie Review: A Castle in the Air

Get an in-depth movie review of "Neeyat: A Castle in the Air" and discover its plot, performances, and overall rating. Find out if this movie is worth your time with this detailed analysis and review.

By Aishwarya

Neeyat Movie Review

Anu Menon's latest offering, the murder mystery film 'Neeyat,' promised an edgy and gripping storyline. However, despite a highly competent cast and an atmospheric setting, the movie falls short of its intended impact. This article delves into the various aspects of 'Neeyat' and explores its strengths and weaknesses.

A Promising Start

Most locked room mysteries rely on captivating characters and a suspenseful plot to keep the audience engaged. Unfortunately, 'Neeyat' starts with a long and predictable build-up, which feels pretentious at times. The first half of the film fails to deliver the desired impact, leaving the audience disappointed.

The Plot Unfolds

'Neeyat' revolves around Ashish Kapoor, a fugitive hotshot businessman, played by Ram Kapoor. Ashish invites his friends and family for a birthday party at his luxurious castle in Scotland. The stormy night and the intriguing guest list set the stage for a night filled with secrets and revelations.

Stereotypical Characters

Despite the strong cast, including Vidya Balan, Rahul Bose, and Shahana Goswami, the characters in 'Neeyat' feel stereotypical and lack depth. Five writers, including two novelists, could only conjure up a tale that feels labored and fails to fully engage the audience.

A Mysterious Guest

Vidya Balan plays the role of Mira Rao, a CBI agent specially invited by Ashish Kapoor for a specific purpose. Mira's character holds promise, but due to the limitations of the screenplay, her potential remains largely untapped. Her presence adds an element of intrigue, but it falls short of creating a lasting impact.

The Night of Secrets

As the night progresses, the guests at Ashish Kapoor's party reveal their hidden motives and secrets. Each character has a personal grudge against the tycoon, and the stormy atmosphere adds to the tension. However, the clues and revelations are conveniently placed, making it difficult for the audience to fully invest in the unfolding mystery.

Performances and Standout Moments

Ram Kapoor delivers a powerful performance as Ashish Kapoor, chewing the scenery with his portrayal of the rich businessman. Vidya Balan brings hope to the film with her portrayal of Mira Rao, a CBI agent who strives for the truth. Shahana Goswami shines as Lisa, Ashish's younger girlfriend, adding depth to an otherwise shallow character.

Missed Opportunities

Despite its potential, 'Neeyat' fails to capitalize on the engaging premise and intriguing setup. The screenplay lacks genuine suspense and dramatic flourishes, making the plot unfold in a mechanical and predictable fashion. The film falls short of delivering the edge-of-the-seat experience it initially promises.


Anu Menon's 'Neeyat' had all the ingredients for a gripping murder mystery but falls short of expectations. While the film boasts a talented cast and an atmospheric setting, the screenplay fails to fully engage the audience. 'Neeyat' remains a castle in the air, leaving viewers craving for a more immersive and satisfying experience.

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