Jimmy Shergill Confirms New Release Date Of Choona

Jimmy Shergill recently confirmed the new release date of his upcoming movie "Choona," which has generated a lot of excitement among fans

The movie is set in a small town and revolves around the life of a common man who gets entangled in a web of crime

Initially, "Choona" was scheduled to release on a certain date, but the release had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances

The new release date of "Choona" has finally been revealed, with the film now scheduled to hit the theaters on September 29

The film promises to captivate the audience with its unique storyline and powerful performances

Jimmy Shergill expressed his excitement about the film and thanked the audience for their patience

The hashtag #ChoonaReleaseDate has been trending on social media, with fans sharing their expectations and favorite moments from the trailer

The positive response from the audience indicates that "Choona" has successfully managed to create a buzz and build anticipation among its target audience

With its intriguing storyline and powerful performances, the film promises to be a compelling watch for movie enthusiasts

Make sure to mark your calendars and catch this much-awaited crime drama when it hits the theaters on September 29