Taali Review: A Gritty and Compelling Journey of Identity and Survival

In this review, we dive into the gripping and powerful film "Taali," exploring its themes of identity and survival. Discover why this movie is a must-watch, offering a compelling journey for its audience.

By Aishwarya
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Taali Review

In the show Taali, directed by Rajiv Jadhav, viewers are taken on a dramatic and emotional journey of self-discovery and resilience. Starring Sushmita Sen as Gauri, a transwoman, and Krutika Deo as Ganesh, the story revolves around their battles for identity and survival. Taali explores the challenges faced by the transgender community and sheds light on the importance of acceptance and equality. This article delves into the plot, performances, and overall impact of Taali, providing a comprehensive review of this must-watch show.

The Plot: A Tale of Transformation

Taali begins with Gauri, a transwoman, sharing her life journey with a journalist just hours before the Supreme Court's historic judgement recognizing the rights of the third sex. The story takes us back to Ganesh's childhood, who later becomes Gauri. In school, Ganesh shocks his classmates by expressing his desire to become a mother. This revelation leads to his father's unease, who takes Ganesh to a doctor to address his unconventional behavior.

As Ganesh discovers a sense of belonging within the transcommunity, he starts embracing his true identity. However, his father's disapproval forces Ganesh to leave home and venture into Mumbai, where he witnesses the struggles and discrimination faced by the transgender community. Determined to fight for their rights, Ganesh undergoes a life-threatening operation to become Gauri and becomes a powerful advocate for the marginalized trans-community.

What Works: A Compelling and Heartfelt Show

Taali stands out as a compelling piece of work, providing viewers with a thought-provoking and emotional experience. The show's screenplay is racy, keeping audiences engaged throughout the narrative. It skillfully portrays the challenges faced by the transgender community, shedding light on their experiences and struggles. The performances in Taali are outstanding, with Sushmita Sen delivering a remarkable portrayal of Gauri. Her dedication and authenticity in the role make this one of her best performances to date.

Krutika Deo's portrayal of Ganesh is equally impressive, showcasing the inner conflict and eventual liberation of the character. Nandu Yadav's portrayal of Ganesh's father adds depth to the story, capturing the complexities of parental acceptance. The casting of many characters from the trans-community adds authenticity and brings a new level of representation to the show. With its controlled episode length, Taali becomes an instant binge-worthy series, leaving viewers eager for more.

What Doesn't: A Flawless Execution

There is little to criticize about Taali. The show successfully captivates its audience and delivers a powerful message without any major flaws. The storytelling, performances, and overall execution are well-balanced, ensuring a captivating and impactful viewing experience.

Taali Star Performances: Emotionally Charged and Convincing

Sushmita Sen's portrayal of Gauri is nothing short of exceptional. She brings depth and authenticity to the character, immersing herself in Gauri's journey of self-discovery and resilience. This performance further solidifies Sushmita Sen's reputation as a talented and versatile actor, adding another memorable role to her illustrious career.

Krutika Deo's portrayal of Ganesh is equally remarkable. She convincingly portrays the inner struggles and eventual transformation of the character, effectively capturing the emotional nuances of Ganesh's journey. The chemistry between Sushmita Sen and Krutika Deo adds an extra layer of authenticity to the narrative, enhancing the overall impact of the show.

The supporting cast also deserves recognition for their honest and dedicated performances. Each actor brings their character to life with integrity and diligence, contributing to the show's overall success.

Taali Show Review: Final Verdict

Taali is a must-watch show for its gritty storytelling, powerful performances, and impactful message. It sheds light on the challenges faced by the transgender community, promoting awareness, acceptance, and equality. The story of Shreegauri Sawant, portrayed by Sushmita Sen, deserves to reach a wider audience, as it humanizes the struggles and triumphs of transgender individuals. Taali is now streaming on Jio Cinema, providing an opportunity for viewers to experience this compelling and emotionally charged series.

  • Taali has received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike for its sensitive portrayal of transgender issues.
  • The show's director, Rajiv Jadhav, brings a unique perspective to the narrative, effectively capturing the essence of the characters and their journeys.
  • Taali's release coincided with the historic Supreme Court judgement recognizing the rights of the third sex, adding further significance to the show's message.


Taali is a groundbreaking show that tackles important social issues while delivering a compelling and emotionally charged narrative. With exceptional performances from Sushmita Sen and Krutika Deo, the show offers a glimpse into the challenges faced by the transgender community and the strength they possess to overcome adversity. Taali is a must-watch for its authenticity, powerful storytelling, and strong performances. By shedding light on the struggles faced by the marginalized, Taali encourages empathy, understanding, and acceptance in society.

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