The Hunt for Veerappan: Review

"The Hunt for Veerappan" is a thrilling true crime film that depicts the intense pursuit of the notorious Indian bandit, Veerappan. Read this review to learn more about the film's gripping storyline and captivating performances.

By Aishwarya

The Hunt for Veerappan

The name "Veerappan" evokes a sense of intrigue and fascination, particularly among those who grew up in the 1990s. He was a legendary figure, portrayed as a fearsome bandit lurking deep within the forests. The tales of his exploits both amused and captivated the public. However, even after his capture and ultimate demise at the hands of the police, the question still lingers: Who was Veerappan? Netflix's new documentary drama, The Hunt for Veerappan, directed by Selvamani Selvaraj, delves into the reality of this enigmatic character, exploring the gray areas of state excesses and the enduring mystery that surrounds him.

Unmasking Veerappan's Origins
The four-episode series takes an unconventional approach, commencing not with Veerappan's headline-grabbing escapades, but with a tale of romance. Muthulakshmi Veerappan, his real-life wife, shares the story of her decision to marry a man branded as a dreaded and elusive bandit. However, her recollection raises unsettling questions. Veerappan proposed to her when she was merely fourteen or fifteen years old, while he was in his late thirties. This disconcerting revelation sets the stage for a deep dive into the life of Veerappan.

A Tapestry of Drama and Revelations
The documentary series weaves a tapestry of high drama, featuring interviews with key individuals connected to Veerappan's story. Mahalingam, KM Govindan, Anburaj, former members of Veerappan's gang, along with journalists Sivasubramanian and Sunaad, various police officials, and BK Singh, the retired District Forest Officer, all contribute with revelatory statements about Veerappan. The narrative unfolds against a backdrop of blood splatters on maps, illustrating the geographical extent of Veerappan's criminal activities, which evolved from elephant poaching to sandalwood smuggling. By the conclusion of the first episode, a palpable sense of unease permeates the series.

Multiple Perspectives Unveiled
The series endeavors to present the many facets of Veerappan's story, giving voice to those involved. Muthulakshmi, who remains staunchly loyal even two decades after her husband's death, shares her perspective. The aging villagers of Gopinantham, Veerappan's birthplace on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border, offer their insights. Additionally, the police and forest officials involved in the hunt for Veerappan, such as the retired Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) BB Ashok 'Tiger' Kumar, provide their accounts. Through these multiple perspectives, the complex narrative of Veerappan's life begins to unfold.

Unraveling a Serpentine History
As the series delves into Veerappan's history spanning two decades, it maintains a gripping pace that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Divided into four acts titled 'The Forest King,' 'The Bloodbath,' 'The Revolutionary,' and 'The Way Out,' each episode focuses on key events, seamlessly setting the stage for the subsequent act. The simmering urgency and tension persist throughout the series. The retelling of Veerappan's daring escapes and brutal murders is brought to life through stunning visuals of the vast forest landscapes he once controlled.

Shedding Light on State Excesses
The Hunt for Veerappan does not shy away from addressing the dark side of the narrative. It highlights instances of police excesses and the impact on communities. The documentary series highlights the brutal treatment of villagers by Superintendent 'Rambo' Gopalakrishnan, the burning down of Nallur village by the Karnataka Special Task Force, and the custodial tortures inflicted by Shankar Mahadev Bidari. Each act of state brutality is met with Veerappan's retaliation. Muthulakshmi's capture is also addressed, shedding light on the sexual and physical violence she endured at the hands of the police. The documentary provides a chilling insight into the lack of accountability and the suspension of human rights during that time.

The Limitations of True Crime
True crime narratives often grapple with the challenge of capturing the entirety of a person's life within a limited series. The story of Veerappan is no exception. With a figure as controversial and multifaceted as Veerappan, the documentary inevitably raises questions about the balance between truth and storytelling. The vast amount of reported facts, myths, and police records surrounding the "King of the Forest" present a daunting task for any filmmaker. The Hunt for Veerappan provides a glimpse into his life, but the full extent of the story and the choices made in its portrayal may only come to light in the future.

A Definitive Rendition of Veerappan's Legacy
Numerous attempts have been made in the past to tell the story of Veerappan, particularly in Tamil and Kannada cinema. However, The Hunt for Veerappan stands out as a standout effort. Veerappan left an indelible mark on an entire generation, captivating the general public, journalists, high-ranking politicians, and the police forces of two states. The reception of this documentary series among these various stakeholders remains to be seen, as they each bring their own perspectives and interpretations to the table.

The Hunt for Veerappan is a gripping docu-drama that unravels the enigma of one of India's most notorious criminals. With its captivating storytelling, it keeps viewers engrossed throughout its four-episode journey. By exploring multiple perspectives and shedding light on the dark underbelly of state excesses, the series offers a comprehensive portrayal of Veerappan's life and the impact he had on society. As an exploration of a complex figure and the blurred lines between truth and storytelling, The Hunt for Veerappan stands as a testament to the enduring fascination with this elusive "Forest King."

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