The 10 Best Thriller Web Series on MX Player

Aashram Season 3 follows the story of Pammi Pahelwan, who escapes the clutches of Baba Nirala and becomes determined to expose his lies and propaganda

Hello Mini Season 3 is a romantic thriller web series that follows the life of Mini, a girl who becomes the target of a stalker

Shukla The Tiger is a gripping thriller web series based on the real-life story of a feared gangster from Uttar Pradesh

Madhuri Talkies is a captivating thriller set in the crime-ridden cities of Varanasi and Mughalsarai

High is a thrilling drama that delves into the dark world of drug addiction and corruption

AI. SHA My Virtual Girlfriend is a one-of-a-kind thriller web series that follows the story of a genius web developer who creates an artificially intelligent woman robot.

Beehad Ka Baghi is based on the spine-chilling true story of one of India's most infamous dacoits

Hankaar is a captivating thriller that revolves around five individuals trapped in a life of crime, controlled by a mysterious figure

Damaged is a romantic Hindi thriller that follows a female serial killer who dates her victims before committing heinous crimes

Bar Code takes you into the world of upscale nightclubs in Mumbai, where two friends turn into bitter enemies in their quest for supremacy