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  • 64% of women claim to neglect their health due to busy schedules
  • 36% of women reported not eating healthy; 51% of women do not exercise regularly 

Momspresso.com, India’s largest content and influencer platform for women, marked World Heart Day 2022 by conducting an insightful survey on women’s health and well-being. The data collated by Momspresso HerSights, the platform’s research and insights division, has gleaned eye-opening insights about women finding it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite knowing the negative effects on their health.

83% of women have visited a doctor at least once to rule out heart issues. Notably, this has happened to more women in Mumbai who feel that they may have a heart problem as compared to women in Delhi (20%), Chennai (18%) and Kolkata (20%). Only 7% of the women have actually suffered from or are suffering from a heart condition.

Self-awareness is abundant among Indian women. Overall, 51% of women agreed to not exercising regularly while 44% of women do not eat a balanced diet. Interestingly, 56% of women in Chennai do eat a balanced diet, painting a heartening picture. Moreover, 54% of women across the country take vitamin supplements to bridge nutritional gaps.

Delving deeper into their lifestyle, Momspresso HerSights found that 36% of women are not eating healthy with junk food appearing on their plates more than 5 times a month on an average. Reportedly, women in Mumbai are consuming junk food more times a month than those in any other city. On the other hand, women from Delhi (61%) and Kolkata (62%) reported eating the healthiest diet with health becoming a greater priority, especially post COVID. Making a switch to healthier cooking oils is another impactful step towards a healthy lifestyle. Currently, 38% of women use mustard oil while cooking, whereas 70% feel that olive oil is more suited for a healthy heart.

Both working and non-working women are facing challenges in taking care of their health, as per the findings. Overall, 64% (60% non-working and 71% working) women claimed that they neglect taking care of themselves due to their tight schedules and busy routines.

Mr. Vishal Gupta, Co-founder & CEO Momspresso.com, said, “Moms are at the heart of everything we do at Momspresso and our World Heart Day survey aims to understand if they are taking enough care of their heart health. We have found widespread concerns about heart problems but a poor focus on adopting preventative measures like eating healthy and exercising due to hectic schedules. As a society, we must help women prioritize their health and encourage them to take up healthy habits. We believe that this survey will be a step in this direction.”

Momspresso’s World Heart Day survey is a wake-up call for women across the country to take charge of their health and ensure that they spend quality time with their loved ones for years to come. The survey was conducted among 3070 women in key metro cities, 98% of whom belonged to the age group of 30-44 years. Of them. 70% were non-working and 30% were working.

While a lot needs to be done to ensure that women lead their healthiest lives, awareness about heart conditions and how to avoid them has certainly helped Indian women.


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