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Netflix drops the official trailer for a true crime, cult thriller series titled Devil in Ohio, the suspenseful thriller is inspired by a true story and the best-selling book from author, showrunner, and Executive Producer Daria Polatin. 

The series revolves around a psychiatrist Dr. Suzanne Mathis shelters a mysterious, young cult escapee, her world is all turned upside down as the strange girl’s arrival threatens to tear her own family apart. 

The series stars Emily Deschanel, Madeleine Arthur, Sam Jaeger, Gerardo Celasco, Xaria Dotson, Alisha Newton, and Naomi Tan. 

Adapted from a best-selling book inspired by a true story, Devil In Ohio is a thrilling, shocking tale of demonic mayhem and mystery in the heart of small-town America. 

The series is helmed by John Fawcett, Brad Anderson, Leslie Hope and Steve Adelson. Executive produced by Daria Polatin, Haven Entertainment, and Andrew Wilder; produced by Rachel Miller & Ian Hay. Netflix will debut the Devil in Ohio series streaming on September 2nd, 2022



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