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The MyySports App will enable Street Children from 25 Nations to showcase their Football prowess and establish their identity across the world.

Doha, Qatar, will host the Street Child World Cup from October 11th to 15th as a lead-up to the FIFA World Cup, 2022. MyySports App will exclusively broadcast the above via Digital Streaming at No-Cost.

The Indian girls' team travelling to Doha has been trained by Karunalaya, a well-known Chennai-based NGO working with street children. Dr N. Paul Sunder Singh, Founder and Secretary Karunalaya Social Service Society, explains his organisation’s ideology, “Our sports for protection ideology has given them self-confidence and helped them continue in school, besides dreaming big in their life playing football, cricket and other sports. Without our intervention, these girl children would continue to have tragic and traumatic experiences on the streets. The Street Child World Cup is a global platform that makes the voices of such children heard. Team India (girls) is happy to represent millions of children on the streets in India.”

Team India (Boys) comes from the other end of India and is mentored and trained by YFC Rurka Kalan. Nitin Chauhan, Head, Programs & Strategic Initiatives, Youth Football Club Rurka Kalan echoes Dr Singh’s sentiments, “The Street Child World Cup uses the power of sport, where every child can access their rights, no matter their background, and our goal is to empower underprivileged children and adolescents, guiding them to create positive lifestyles using the medium of sports where they can attain a wide range of skills valuable in becoming independent leaders. The Street Child World Cup is one such opportunity where they will not just represent their country on the global stage but also advocate for their rights and prepare them for a bright, productive future.”

Shishir Hattangadi, President, Distribution & Alliances, MyySports, explains our partnership with Street Child World Cup further, “We at MyySports are deeply committed to democratising sports, and we have built MyySports to give all sports talent an equal opportunity to be discovered. The Street Child World Cup is a wonderful initiative to put street children on a journey to their destination, from streetlights to floodlights, and we are all very proud that, in some way, we are contributing to the growth and evolution of children into the real world. We hope people from across the world will watch these children play and cheer for them on the App.”


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